The National Club Risk Protection Program is managed by JLT insurance and offers three types of cover provided to Veterans Cricket entities that are affiliated with the relevant State Cricket Association (or with CA for VCA itself): 


  • Personal Injury
  • Public Liability
  • Management Liability insurance


Member Club and Regions and Affiliates of Veterans Cricket NSW are covered by the insurance policy provided by JLT Insurance through CNSW when VCNSW pay CNSW the Annual Fee in June, based on the number of teams playing under them, and receive their Certificate of Currency. Each of the Clubs and Regions get a copy of this Certificate of Currency for Public Liability over.


More information is provided on the following JLT website 




The Arrangement with JLT Insurance



Am I Covered As a Player?


 For individual players to be covered for accident and injury, they must be:


  • Registered on MyCricket
  • Be a member of an incorporated club that is affiliated with VCNSW


VCNSW can assist with incorporation and affiliation requirements.


 Incorporation is strongly encouraged as it is through Incorporation that your club/association receives management liability insurance. 


 A clarification of JLT Insurance cover and Incorporation by the Cricket Australia Risk Analyst, Ashley Hepburn, is available here for your reference.



What is the Cost?


You may play in a number of associations or clubs in different competitions, but you only register once on MyCricket and only pay the one insurance Levy. You would, however, expect to pay a separate club or association Membership fee with the other club or association you are playing with, to cover such things as ground hire, balls, club equipment, umpires etc. At times these fees are paid as an annual fee or maybe as individual match fees. The insurance component only equates to approximately $6 per player/member per year.

Members who play in State and National matches under the auspices VCNSW (State and National Championships, Cooper Finlay Cup and the like), must pay an annual registration levy to VCNSW. The levy set in December 2018 is $30 for O/50’s and O/60’s Age Groups and $10 for O/70’s. Members who only play in regional/club matches, only need to be a member of their club/association and pay that fee, if applicable.

Note: In the scenario where a player may play for NSW without being a member of their regional club, coverage is provided by virtue of the annual VCNSW fee, that is payable at all National Tournaments. 




What Is Included in the Policy


All details can be found on the Cricket Australia / JLT web site here, and the flyer is available hereA summary is below with links to the specific pages on the JLT web site.



Coverage and Claim Details




Certificate of Currency


The VCNSW Certificate of Currency is available here.




Important JLT Documents




VCNSW Player Safety Policy



Cricket Australia Helmet Policy



Cricket Australia have provided a number of instructions re the wearing of helmets when batting, but as of February 1st 2019, the latest advice we have is that the wearing of Helmets when batting will be strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. 

We acknowledge that there is some resistance to wearing Helmets within our Veterans playing ranks, however all the medical evidence and insurance claims history confirm what common sense already tells us – that helmets are hugely beneficial in reducing head injuries and concussions. The greatest danger to us Veterans, is a top edge into the head, not the “lethal” bowling. 

VCNSW strongly encourage the use of helmets when batting and will be providing each region with 2 helmets to assist in this safety precaution.